Pay for Facebook and Instagram ads with benefits

Solution designed especially for small and medium businesses advertisers by Evido — Meta Certified Company in Azerbaijan

Trusted in Azerbaijan by advertisers of all levels

Evido Pay eases
Facebook ads payments

Evido provides an ads payment solution to its clients. Try all benefits of the budget management tool tailored for small and medium businesses.

Pay, allocate, track your spends

Top up Evido balance once and then easily allocate it to any of your ads accounts or between them. Track it in the same window

Automate closing documentation

Once a month we send closing documents to your email. You can also export them right from Evido account

Avoid currency conversions

Evido Pay allows you to top up ads accounts in AZN. We convert payment to USD automatically

Choose payment method

Pay for ads by card or proforma invoice. No hidden commissions for balance top-up

Control ads spending in advance

With Evido Pay you top up the balance before the campaign launch, so you spend exactly as much as you planned

0% Evido service fee

50 AZN minimum top up budget + VAT
0 % withholding tax
Learn how is it possible

Evido Support eases
Facebook ads troubleshooting

Evido’s clients get

Help with ads settings on WhatsApp in 5 minutes and in Azerbajiani
Assistance with ads issues and their solutions
Easy-to-follow Facebook instructions in Azerbaijani

Here to assist

Client Solutions Manager
Client Solutions Manager

Trust the Badge

Evido is a Meta Certified Company in Azerbaijan. If you see a clickable badge that links to Credly credentials you know you are in safe hands

Our clients appreciate our service

I really liked your platform. It made my work easier, it is especially convenient to manage the balance from one place. Now there is no worry about replenishing the balance of a dollar card, opening additional $ cards, worrying about their limits. And most importantly, it is possible to manage limits from the platform, replenish the balance of the advertising account, or return it to the general balance of the personal account.
Ali Mahmudov
Digital marketing specialist in BE DIGITAL MMC

bonus useful tools

Optimize Every Ad Stage with Evido

Integrate our user-friendly marketing automation tools into your workflows


Get auto-generated ready-made charts for presentations

Industry-relevant audiences

Use audience segment presets tailored for your industry to broaden your ads' reach

Balance run out alerts

Receive notifications for potential ad pauses on Telegram or WhatsApp